The Deity Day Of Pongala Festival

The installation of the deity was done in 1958 on April 25.It was on Friday with the star of Punartham.Every year this festival is celebrating on the Malayalam month with the star Punartham.Before the three days of this festival,Devi is carried to outside. At the begining this ritual was conducted on one day.This was stopped for some year.Then again this ritual was restarted on 1982.Laksharchana is conducted on the day before the deity day and this will be ended in the evening along with thalapoli.Many devotees dedicated Pongala to Devi on this day.In the afternoon Annadhanam is arranged.In the evening thalapoli is conducted and in the night Chirappu is also conducted.

Thrikodiyettu – Medapunartha Pongala Festival

In 2004 May 21,golden flagstaff deity was done.Then onwards the first thrikodiyettu was started on Medapunartham pongala festival.The festival is conducted for 10 days with so many poojas,annadhanam,cultural programs and so on. In 2007 April 23rd the reinstallation of sree Bhadrakali,sree Durgadevi and sree Maha Ganapathy was done.

Ooruttu Festival

Once in every 3 year on the Malayalam month Meenam-Medam Ooruttu festival is conducted in the Udiyannoor devi temple.This festival is conducted by the natives (Oorukar),so the name Ooruttu festival. Ulakudayaperumal thamburan is the basic deity of this festival.In addition to these in the festival days,the pooja is also conducted for Ashtanagam and Sapthakanyakas.The festival is conducted for 8 days according to the opinion of the astrologer.On the 8th day the festival is ending with kuruthi and Dhikbali. The festival is conducting on the south east side of this temple. Before starting the festival the arecanut tree was found for flagstaff (kodimaram).In the first day,the festival is starting with the musical instruments.After the installation of deity in the decorated place(panthal) the priest raises the flag on the flagstaff.In the Ooruttu festival the main rituals are oottupattu,thamburan pattu,padukapooja,chirappu,pongala,padayani,padapurappadu,kambam kathikal,thalapoli and kuruthi tharpanam.Inside the panthal the main worship is Ulakudayathamburan.In addition to this,pooja is also conducted for devi,Sapthakanyaka and Ashtanagam.The pooja is conducted in morning and evening.For the oottupattu the same song is repeating everyday.And for the thamburanpattu the life story of Ulakudaya thamburan is singing repeatedly. On the second day of the festival kuruthi will be conducted in the morning.From the second day onwards the song will be sung in morning and evening.And in the night of the 7th day song is ending up.After the kuruthi on the 8 th day the festival will be winding up.The festival ends up with the return back of peedam and the sword.The pongala on the 4th day and the padapurapadu,kambakettu on the 7th day are based on the story of thamburan. In all the festival days the temple was opened and Abhishekam,Nivedhyam,Deeparadhana were conducted.But there is no Adavazhipadu.

Ooruttu History

In the ancient times,the place Vaiga was ruled by the king Adhishekaraperumal.This place is near to Madurai in pandi state.Because of the increase of prosperity in Vaiga the jealousy Madhuramannan attacked the place.At that war the king of Vaiga and his 4 brothers were killed.The king’s sister Malayamma alone left alive. The story till this will sung on the 2nd day of the festival in the morning and night. With the help of the minister the queen of Vaiga ruled the place. Then after she got married to the king of Thenkashi,named Dharma perumal.In the third day the song is described till this part of the story.